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Financial Planning for Business Owners

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Financial Planning

As a business owner, the majority of your wealth is likely directly tied to the business you have worked hard to grow. Naturally, your personal and business affairs tend to become a little more complicated. It is extremely important that your wealth is handled with the highest level of care and a well thought out strategy is in place to preserve capital over time.

Plum Financial Group is experienced in providing financial planning for business owners. We regularly work with Holding Companies, and can incorporate Individual Pension Plans, and into solutions for our business clientele.

Business owners can create a pension income for themselves with one of our truly great rental income avenues which gives you two incomes in one investment.  Capital gains (which you get if you sell or you can leave your children that wealth) and you also get a rental income from your tenants.  All this is done as easily as purchasing a term deposit at a bank, completely hands off management and protection against the only two risks associated with owning real estate, loss of rent and surprised maintenance and repairs.  Our rental pool and maintenance pools take care of minimizing those risks.

This conservative style of investing generally outperforms indexes in declining bear markets. We know you have worked hard to establish your wealth which is why we make sure that we take every precaution possible to protect your hard earned money.