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Our investment philosophy is one that follows simple logic. Our Ottawa financial Advisors look to establish diversified portfolios that are built around Liquidity, Income and Growth.  Plum Financial creates (rental income) for individual client so that they can retire financially independent and we have been doing it successively for over 35 years. 

We actually teach individuals what they need to know in order to succeed in achieving financial independence at retirement.  Some of the things you need to know are so important that if you do not learn them, you most likely won’t retire the way you wish or envisioned which is most people out there.

 Maybe you get lucky and win the lottery or something like that.  Not likely scenario for most of us, if you rely on LUCK most will be sorely disappointed.   This is not a fact to verify, just ask your Parents or other individuals already retired and see if they are satisfied with how they ended up at retirement.  Ask them if they are at least living the same lifestyle they had while they were working or is it worse. 

YOU AND ONLY YOU…. are responsible to learn what you need in order to make sure that you achieve financial independence.  You must find the right financial planner to help you. THIS IS NOT AN EASY TASK:  but it is one that you have no choice but to find. WHAT YOU DON’T WANT IS TO:  get that individual who is not good at what they do and are completely useless in helping you achieve your goals. WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT IN THIS WORLD: we must all look for the best person to help us in something or other such as a lawyer, doctor, teacher etc. etc.  All professions are the same, SOME OF US ARE NO GOOD, GOOD OR GREAT AT WHAT WE DO:

FOR EXAMPLE:  some people think that they can simply read a book on finance and this is good enough to achieve wealth.  They could not further from the truth because a person can only interpret what they are reading to what their intelligence allows them to.  It does not mean that you interpreted the information correctly.  It would be the same as if a person who has broken a leg, reads a book and is now qualified to repair the leg.  It’s not your fault in finance, there are a lot of entities who don’t want you to learn what you need to learn.

Here is another very important example of what most people don’t know that will kill their chances of financial success:


I SURE HOPE THAT YOU DON’T THINK THAT YOU ARE BEING TOLD: the whole truth from the regular sources like our government, bankers, TV ad commercials, etc. etc.  which is typically the sources what most people believe is telling them the truth.  NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH AND BELIEVING THIS WILL BE TO YOUR OWN DETRIMENT.  These sources have their own hidden reason to keep you in the dark, THEY ARE EITHER TELLING YOU THE TRUTH OR THEY ARE SIMPLY LYING TO YOU.

 Sad part is that most of you do not even know this is happening to you.  Why is it that most people don’t achieve financial independence but some however seem to do so with ease. THE ANSWER TO THAT VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION IS KNOWLEDGE.


For example, if the banker gives you an interest rate of 5% on $100,000.00 term deposit, thinking on the surface you would say I am making a return of 5%.  However, you would be grossly incorrect because if you thought full circle you would be making a return of 5% less your income tax bracket (let us just say it happens to be 40%).  You would be giving the government 2% of that 5, leaving you with 3%. However thinking full circle again, you would have to take off the inflation rate (let’s say the government says its 1.5% inflation that year), then your actual rate of return would now be only 1.5%.  Simple mathematics but with a full circle thought involved, you have to put into a mathematical equation every variable that exists, otherwise you cannot possible get the correct answer. 

FOR EXAMPLE:  if your banker were to give you  a term deposit with a 5 % interest rate, you would likely feel great today and you would be thinking that you are getting ahead from a financial point of view.  However, what if I were to tell you that (to make this easy I will use a 50% tax bracket) you are only making 2.5%.  now you are not making such a good deal, right? What if I were also to tell you that the real inflation rate is 5% and not the 2% you are being led to believe.  WHAT THAT MEANS NOW IS THAT YOU ARE LOSING 2.5 % ON YOUR MONEY AND EVEN IF YOU WANTED TO BELIEVE THE STORY THAT THE INFLATION RATE IS 2% IT WOULD STILL MEAN THAT YOU ARE NOW ONLY MAKING POINT 5% ON YOUR MONEY.  NO WONDER THE BANKER DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

Ask yourself what a quart of milk cost you 10 years ago, or a car, a house, wood, nails, groceries, a plumber, an electrician, carpenter, what was your hydro bill, phone bill etc. and you will learn what your true rate of inflation is.

We all have our personal inflation rate to worry about. Our government will have you believe that you will be ok when you retire???? I guess your cpp will take you a long way, or your pension will be sufficient.  You will also not need to spend money on going to work, lunches etc. etc.  what they are not telling you is that at retirement you may have other needs that you did not have when you were working.

ITS NOT YOUR FAULT:  you can only know what you are being taught and some of your financial gurus were Your Parents, teachers, lawyers, bankers,  government , books , television ads, etc. etc.  The problem is you can only interpret what your knowledge allows you to interpret. 

Financial Advisors Ottawa

We know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to financial planning, when we construct your financial plan, we take into consideration your unique and personal mix of investment, insurance, tax and estate requirements.

Private Wealth Management

We have access to some of the largest private wealth management firms in the country. Private wealth management solutions provide our clients with an actively managed portfolio designed to meet your needs and risk tolerance.