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Income Planning

At Plum financial, we understand that approaching retirement can be an exciting, yet stressful, time in one’s life. Not surprisingly, one of the biggest risks and concerns for people is running out of money in retirement.

 Rather than leaving these concerns to chance, we recommend implementing a formal retirement income plan to make sure you enter retirement with your eyes wide open, with realistic expectations.

 When it comes to planning for retirement, there is no time like the present – implementing a planning process allows you to make informed decisions that can have a material impact on your ability to make sure you reach your goals and are able to live life on your terms. Now is the time to create a formal plan that will help you realize on those retirement dreams.

When thinking about retirement, we take a look at the following considerations:

Planning Your Retirement – How much income will you need?
Managing your Living, Lifestyle and Legacy
Retirement Income Sources
Top Considerations for your Retirement Income

Creating a retirement income plan is the number one factor in successfully achieving your financial goals, yet the vast majority of Canadians have opted-out. Perhaps this is because they are unaware of the necessity of a plan or are unaware of how to build a plan. Your financial advisor will be able to construct a retirement income plan that is unique to you and your families needs.

As independent advisors, Plum Financial Group has access to a wide range of financial opportunities for our clients to consider for investment. Our professionals have the experience to offer options that are carefully considered for your own circumstances.